Dice Roll Simulator

Pick up a 6 face die and roll it 100 times. How many times do you get 1? And 2? And 3? Now do the same with 2 dice. And with 3. Record the results and study the relative frequencies of each result.

Doing such an activity with real dice and recording the results on a sheet of paper can be very time consuming. This program allows one to do it in a much easier way, by simulating the rolls of 1, 2 or 3 dice and automatically displaying the histogram of frequencies of the results.

Each simulator is made up of three pages: the first page has the simulator itself, the second page has the recorded data on a spreadsheet and the third page has another histogram one can use to analyze the results. Each simulator is stored in a different problem, meaning that data captured in the 2 dice simulator won't affect the results of the 3 dice simulator.

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